Menegroth, The Thousand Caves

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studio rates
tracking / mixing / mastering for projects recorded at Menegroth: $55 per hour
mixing / re-amping / mastering for projects recorded at other studios: $60 per hour
mastering for projects recorded and mixed at other studios: $65 per song

email: colinmarston at

The Thousand Caves is located in Woodhaven, Queens, NY
It is easily accessible from the 75th st. stop on the J train, as well as the Jackie Robinson Parkway


Planning a Recording Session

The studio is generally booked 3 months in advance, but feel free to get in touch any time since
there are often holes in my schedule

A deposit in the amount of 20% of the estimated total is due in advance of the scheduled session start-date.
The session dates will not be considered fully confirmed until the deposit is received.

The entire balance must be paid at the end of the session.
No files, mixes, or masters will be released to the artist or label until the balance is fully paid.

Hourly billing begins at the session start-time that we agree on in advance (even if the band shows up late!).

Planning a Mastering Session

Please provide me with the final mixes at the same bit depth and sample rate at which they were recorded (usually 24 bit and 44.1 - 96 khz)

Please do not heavily compress or peak-limit you final mixes unless you intend to make a noise record!
leaving plenty of headroom will allow me to provide you with a better-sounding final master.
Digital audio still sounds pretty good when its dynamic range is greater than 1 db!